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New Book on Type and Texture

Vol 1 Northern France
By Brenton Smith

With an update including an expanded photo index, Type and Texture, Northern France is back on the market.


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Vacation T-shirt

What does a graphic designer do when he goes to the beach with his wife and friends? Create a t-shirt to commemorate the trip for all 8 of them (plus a few extra). Thanks to the guys at Danger Press for helping me rock this out.

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Sometimes an idiotic idea actually is a good one. I recently saw Avatar while drinking a super large soda. I didn’t want to get up to run to the facilities, so the last 40 minutes of the film were really uncomfortable.

Later, a friend showed me exactly what I needed that day. It’s the site, It tells you the best time to slip out of the theater to hit the little movie goers room and what lesser important stuff that you’re missing while you’re there.

Brilliant. Well, at least someone has found a way to watch movies for a living and be a benefit to society.

Sadly, the site one of the ugliest things out there, but they do have an iPhone app as well.

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