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New Site (Beta) is Live

My new site, is up and running. At least the Beta version is live. More is on it’s way, including enhanced user interaction. Stay tuned.


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Custom Toy or Leave-Behind

It would be great to create a leave-behind in a custom mold. This is a low-fi way to do, what looks like a pretty professional, small quantity batch.

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Logo Animation

So, in an effort to pick up speed with my After Effects fluency, I am turning almost everything into an animation project. Including this logo animation for work (a non-profit organization). I did this last night. A friend of mine, who is an After Effects designer sat gave me a considerable insight.

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After Effects Loop experiments

Continuing to expand my use and knowledge of After Effects with some small exercises designed to be used for concert environments.

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Fabian’s U2 remix

I just loaded Fabian Barrel’s U2 desktop wallpaper. It makes them look really good.

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Atl Brewing Photo Shoot 2: Bottling

Had a great time photographing at Atlanta Brewing Company again. This time I focused on their bottling process and the general layout of the production. Will return in a few days to observe brewing a batch.

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