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Quaker Rocket

Quaker Oats new ad campaign “Go Humans Go” has a great selection of print, outdoor, commercials and events. It’s a $100 million campaign. I can’t find the commercial clip, but it is pretty cool.


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Updated Card Concepts

Die-cut, double-thick card. Exploring either white on both sides or doing a color side and white side.

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Atlanta Beer Co. Photo Shoot 1

I went to Atlanta Brewing Co on Friday night for one of their tour and tasting nights. It was great. The weather was awesome and the light was perfect for some photos. Check out the first batch here (gallery). I’ll return a few more times as I work on my book highlighting the brewery and their craft.

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Nothing, An Office Aesthetic

Cool design office in Amsterdam. Made completely of cardboard. Inspired by Frank Gehry furniture?

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iPod Ice Cream

A little from the “What are they thinking?” file.

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Design Eats Design card concept

Here’s a look at a design concept I am working on for my card.

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Misfits DVD set

Misfits DVD box set for consideration in Juried show.

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Local Designer Portfolio

So, in doing a random search, I came across this designer, David Werner, who went to Portfolio Center in ’06 and has a portfolio site that encompasses his work there. He has lots of videos on this projects process and includes nice overlays of sketches with the final version. I am always intrigued by that.

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