Design Eats Design


Commercial Director

A great site for film directors who do mostly commercials. Check out Noam Murro. You seen many of this director’s commercials, but it’s impressive to see them all together. Great concepts and visuals.


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Interesting Business Card

Cool, icon-based card from UK designer. She has a cool, illustration style that is very iconic, but expressive.

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NY Times looks at Title Sequences

In honor of the Oscars, the NY Times takes a look at several famous title sequences as great examples of good design in the craft.

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What’s that font?

This new iPhone app from allows you to take a picture of type and then it compares it against all the known typefaces in it’s library and tell you the closest match.

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Pentagram Exhibit Design

I love spacial and exhibit design where you can create a unique experience in an environment. This design by Pentagram is really cool. I want to live there.

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