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Heinekin Identity Manual

I found this identity manual for Heinekin beer international. It is mostly for their internal forms, communications, and brand management. However, it is a very thorough structure and guide, especially for a web based manual.


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NYC Pix Gallery

Here is a collection of pix from my recent visit to NYC. It’s a variety of weird and wonder times and the city. Enjoy. They should all be full-size, high-res, downloadable images, if you need anything.

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Visit to Pentagram Design, NYC

Jim Anderson of Pentagram Design in the Manhattan Flat Iron District, was gracious to meet with me and give me a studio tour of Pentagram. Pentagram is a multidisciplinary firm. They design for print, identity, environment (basic signage to entire building), interactive and architectural (Yes, they even have an architect and architectural design team). Their office was a bank many years ago, so it has striking detail and seemd like an inspiring place to work. The basement has the old bank bank vault, which is now their samples library and project storage. They also have a large comp building station outside the vault.

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Brand Explosion

This is a shot I took in Times Square of a Target ad. It’s huge. Target is well known for pimping their logo in every way in their advertising, but it works and their identity is very clear.

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Brand at the Door

The entrance to the Morgan Stanley offices in midtown Manhatten gives a clear visual of brand right as you walk in the door. I assume it also helps when giving directions.

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While in NYC I was able to visit Curious Pictures in downtown Manhatten (near NYU). I met with Dominie Mahl. She is the Curator of Art & Design at Curious, which is a unique and beneficial role for a design house. She was extremely helpful and gracious with her time and insight. They are a very large and busy firm. Unfortunately I had a sign a non-disclosure agreement as soon as I walked in the door, so I can’t mention anything they are working presently.

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HEAVY METAL: Identity for all Mediums

According to a blurb in one of the latest email newsletters from GD-USA, Metallica was very savvy in the design process for it’s latest album, “Death Magnetic.” I am not a fan of their music or even this design, but the thought and intention they put into its creation is commendable. I mean they actually used the work “iconography.” It’s enough to make any headbanger momma proud.

Here is an excerpt from the Graphic Design USA newsletter:
“Metallica’s new album “Death Magnetic” features packaging and branding by the Turner Duckworth design firm. With CD sales challenged by widespread downloading, the band says they were looking for new ideas. “This time, we wanted to work with professionals who understand iconography,” said lead singer James Hetfield. Lars Ulrich, the band’s drummer and frequent spokesperson added, “We wanted somebody who commanded respect in branding but were not jaded by the music business.” David Turner said, “The songs are about how death — and life — repels and attracts us. Our image expresses the theme, with a white coffin resting in a grave, surrounded by a magnetic field.” The image was created to be recognizable even on a cell phone screen. “It’s not just about sleeve art any more, it’s about creating icons that work across media,” added Turner.”

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Brand Recognition

Is it good to have your own product beat your company brand in a consumer survey? In a recent U.K. survey the iPhone beat Apple itself for brand visibility.

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LAYERS mag Adobe CS4 tutorials

So, Adobe is going all out to establish CS4 as the new standard for design. They have put together dozens of tutorials that really get you stoked about the new features (see Illustrator gradients and multiple artboards). I was planning on waiting 6-9 months or longer to upgrade, but now I might jump in much sooner.

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