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Frey Wine in process

So, here is my wine bottle so far. I love the bottle I selected, but it has a continuous curve and never has a completely vertical wall, so it makes things challenging to get things totally straight or to look straight on a curve.
I designed the name/logo to offset to the right, but seeing it on the bottle I’m thinking about shifting it towards the center.
Also, in the pictures, the bottle doesn’t look uniform. Odd, but I think I like it.


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2 Responses

  1. Linda D says:

    I love the bottle! From the picture the glass color appears to be reddish-brown which looks awesome! I also really like your color choice.

  2. stan anderson says:

    Big B, you have found a wonderful solution to the redesign brand and bottle. Really like the color choices–especially the appearance of the long horizontal mark on the bottle. So far, so good….just take your time and you’ll have a design that you can really be proud of in your portfolio. As I’ve said many times, this project is such a positive turning point for so many designers. I think you’ve found your stride.

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