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Frey Contained!

Well, here’s a glance at the container for the Frey. I updated the bottle a little (centering the logo) and added the elements for the cylinder package. The idea for the outside is a weathered orange, as if the graphics were painted on and have faded and been worn away as they protected the bottle inside. The lid is held on by a strand of loose wire string.


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Frey Wine in process

So, here is my wine bottle so far. I love the bottle I selected, but it has a continuous curve and never has a completely vertical wall, so it makes things challenging to get things totally straight or to look straight on a curve.
I designed the name/logo to offset to the right, but seeing it on the bottle I’m thinking about shifting it towards the center.
Also, in the pictures, the bottle doesn’t look uniform. Odd, but I think I like it.

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Frey logo concepts revealed

Though I have not intentionally been holding back, I have not put too much of my design concepts for Frey on here. Here’s an older concept with the current.

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Words at Play

Site for Adobe that has some interesting playful type.

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Bottle Packaging/Display Case

Here is the basic design for the packaging I am doing for my wine bottle project. I am creating an acrylic cylinder display case for an individual bottle, letting the bottle be the star. I will also apply graphics to the case. The top and bottom disks of the cylinder will probably be black or brown acrylic and the cylinder is clear.

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i love typography site

Here’s a link to a great site about typography. They are building a type community. They are also developing a TYPE WIKI. I know that I will resource this site a lot in the future.

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