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Type based tshirt design

This is a type based tshirt design I just did for a group. Thoughts?


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Buy Bottles

Here’s the link to the site where I think I will buy a few bottles. There seem to be lots of places to buy bottles. I liked their selection. I’m sure there are more out there, but I’ll start with these.

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My Pick: Frey Wine

Well, after considering all my wine choices, I am choosing Frey wine. Probably one of their reds. Here’s a couple of pics.

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This is just ornate imagery gone wild. I think the “knight” is slaying some kind of octopus-like dragon. Is the winemaker saying I’ll be strong enough to kill mythical creatures?

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An ok design with mostly type. Could be better. You can’t really tell, but the bottle widens nicely towards the shoulder. It makes you think it might be a rich “full-bodied” flavor.

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La Bastarda

I found some more wine after class at an Italian market on Marietta St. Sorry, for the camera phone pix. More to come.I know some people were looking at “Fat Bastard,” well I found it’s Italian counterpart, “La Bastarda.”

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Type Resources from Linotype

Linotype has a lot of resources on their site about type. Below are two links,

Linotype and QuotesThis is a link to a page on the ever important coding for proper apostrophes and quotations for html.

Type and Movie Posters
Link to page showing movie posters and what typefaces were used for the film titles.

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Vote Project updated

I’ve updated the look and message of the posters. Do they convey the thought a bit better or at least make the viewer curious to find out more?

I’ve also got another idea that I developing that I will post over the weekend.

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VOTE: Bad Posters

Here is a look at my “not quite there” posters from the critique. Revisions coming later in the day.

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