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Here’s one of the posters solutions for my Welch logo


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Cafe art

Some serious skill and artistry in illustrating mochas and lattes. My favorite substrate.

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Type Wall

Went to a show last night at the Tabernacle and the headlining band (“Crowded House”, don’t laugh) had a backdrop of a collage of newspaper clippings that was about 30′ wide x 25′ tall. It looked really awesome. I love to see type and type compositions all mixed up and enlarged to massive scale. The music was good, but a bit dated. I really went to see the opening act, Pete Yorn. His band was pretty good. Anyway, I was inspired and am looking for any reason to put enlarged type on a huge space.

Here’s a pic I found from one of their other recent shows. It’s not great, but it shows a bit of the backdrop.

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Grid Book

This is a book I got recently. I am just getting into it, but am interested in focusing on working with a grid more consistently for better composition.

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Working option for A&D logo

Here is the rough, working logo concept from my batch for the Welch School of Art & Design project

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